Monday, January 22, 2007

Just Me and JP

I'm always thinking about what I need to teach The Quartet, what experiences I should share with them and what I'm responsible for exposing them to. Naturally, this leads to my concern for ventures we haven't yet undertaken. And then there are nights like last night, when I'm reminded ever so sweetly of an activity. I settled in to read books at bedtime last night, the three older kids each get to pick a book, and JP picked Just Me and My Dad. This is one of the "Critter" books and involves the spiky little protagonist going camping with just his dad. JP said he picked it because "you said once that we could go camping sometime." Which we haven't done. We haven't done that among so many other things, though he wasn't complaining in the least. JP just wanted me to know that he is still looking forward to it and waiting, patiently, for that camping trip.