Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I'm Too Busy To Write This Post

What is the most boring topic to read about on someone’s blog? Why the author believes everyone should vote for Barack Obama in November … of next year.

What is the second most boring topic to read about on someone’s blog? Anything at all to do with Anna Nicole Smith.

Okay, but what would be the third thing? Why the author of that blog hasn’t been posting lately. And that’s what I’m doing tonight. I’m writing the third most boring blog entry.

I’ve been working on another writing project lately and it’s sapping my energy. When I sit down at my desk to write, I know I can either work on Urf! or I can work on the other thing. And lately the other thing has been consuming me. How much energy could it take to write a blog post you ask? Well, not much, really. Hardly any. It took more energy, in fact, to come up with the excuse. And I wasn’t even going to tell you the excuse but then I got a very nice E-mail from Cousin P in D.C. who writes to say he reads this very blog and enjoys it. Hey, Cousin P!

So I’m writing this for him. And for the other two of you who read this to let you know I’m still here, just busy with other stuff. Urf! is still around and The Quartet is doing well. We’re plodding along through February and thinking of warm weather so we can get out and stretch our legs and separate from each other for a bit. Or for two bits; we’re really on each others’ nerves.

Please keep reading and keep in contact and maybe, just maybe, I’ll tell you one day what that other project is. (Hint: It’s not the Tesla coil. Not yet, anyway.)