Thursday, June 28, 2007

Are You Ready To Do This Service For Your Don?

There is a rite of passage at Castilo Urf! that most of you are not aware of. In fact, none of you should be aware of it unless you live here, which you very well may as there are so many people underfoot that I've lost count. This rite doesn't involve a party or circumcision or scarification of any kind. It doesn't involve religion, drinking or sex. This tradition concerns each child of mine, me, grapes and the greatest film ever, The Godfather. When I feel each kid is ready, and there are grapes on hand, I take two of those grapes, stuff them into my jowls and, in my best Brando voice and grieving expression, implore them to "Look what they did to my boy." It would break your heart to see the look on my face, hear the sorrow in my voice. Kristy has seen it and she said it made her want to cry. I'm not an actor, or extrovert, by any stretch of the imagination and this is the only impression of which I'm capable as far as I know, and only five people in the world have seen it. Yesterday was GK's day to witness Daddy as Don, and as she gazed upon me from her seat on the kitchen counter it was difficult to tell if the look in her eyes was one of recognition, elation or gas. I may be done with the routine now since we're out of kids or I may be called upon by The Quartet to repeat it over the years, a tradition which I will gladly uphold, for no father can deny any request of his child when all alone and in the presence of fruit.