Friday, March 21, 2008

Upon Returning Home From Work Yesterday Evening ...

GK: Mayor Herenton announced his resignation today, effective July 31.

Me: Wow. I guess the celebration has begun already.

GK: What's to celebrate? He wasn't defeated, he wasn't scandalized like John Ford, he's going out on his own terms after a 16-year run as mayor. He's imposed his will and his cronies on this city and, as a result, Memphis is a crime-ridden, downtrodden village. We're more racially and economically divided than ever and Herenton is just walking away from it. It makes me sad, it makes me sick every morning when I sit down with my espresso and bagel, trying to stomach the newspaper. What is there, really, that's worth celebrating?

Me: You make a good point for a 26-month-old.

GK: 21-month-old.

Me: Whatever. So who's the next mayor?

GK: I believe it will come down to a special election this November.

Me: Hey, maybe I'll run for mayor!

GK: Your fly is open.