Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Say 5:45 One More Time!


Yes, I know.

Yes, C, I know.

You told me that.

I. Know.

These are the various ways, in increasingly agitated tones, that I responded to C letting me know, numerous times for the last couple of weeks, that he had to be at school at 5:45 this morning for a field trip to ... Arkansas? Not sure where, really, but possibly the dog track.

However, at 5:30 this morning, after having slept through the alarm for 15 minutes, I was a bit more whispery-loud, and urgent, asking Kristy to wake up and help get C's lunch together and wake him up.


But I got him there on time to meet the bus that will take him to wherever it is he's going, and we all learned that it is very irritating when your kid repeats himself 50 times, but it is necessary. And may not be enough.