Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Lucky Number Seven

I guess the way it's normally done is to have a birthday dinner, then birthday cake and then open birthday presents. Had we made JP wait until after dinner yesterday to open his gifts, his head would have exploded. He began asking about opening his present the evening before, his voice vibrating and his hands shaking.

And then, yesterday morning, there was this exchange:

Me: Good morning.
JP: Can I open my present now?
Me: Happy birthday, JP!
JP: Can I open my present now?
Me: I'm going to go for a quick run and you can open it when I get back.
I returned and wasn't even in the front door yet.
JP: Can I open my present now?

So we let him open his new electric keyboard in the early morning hours of his birthday. Later that evening we ordered pizza per his request.

Delivered pizza and people giving him stuff, it's the perfect JP Day. I hope he had a great one.