Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Fussy has proclaimed November National Blog Posting Month and I have signed up to participate. What this means is that I will be writing a post a day for the next 30 days (why couldn’t February be NaBloPoMo?). Can I do it? Looking back, I see I wrote 32 posts in April, but I was a younger man then. In reality, the onus is on The Quartet. They are required to significantly amuse me 30 times this month. Can they do it? They better, their dinner will depend on it every night. Nobody eats for free during November.

Another aspect to NaBloPoMo is directed at the reader, both of mine, as well as all of the others out there who, for some strange reason, have yet to start your own blog. You are asked to de-lurk, that is, to read as many posts as you can (a list of participating bloggers can be found at and to comment. Come out from behind the protective veil of World Wide Web Anonymity and say something nice about what these people are writing.

When I began Urf!, I never planned to write as much as I have. I only wanted to write when I had something specific to say, usually when The Quartet did something funny or amazing, but mostly funny. I vowed not to be one of those writers who writes what I ate for breakfast or simply lists what I’m listening to on my iPod, if I had one (is NaBloPoMo a gift-giving event?) just to be writing something. There are those blogs out there – many, many of them. NaBloPoMo won’t push me to that. I signed up for it as a challenge, but I won’t continue with it if I don’t have anything to say. You have my word on that, both of you.

Now, back to my omelet and Elvis Costello …