Wednesday, June 14, 2006


C went to the dentist for the first time ever today and what did the dentist do? He pulled a tooth. That's right, his first experience with a doctor of dentistry was to have this stranger rip something from his gums. He's doing fine despite that, even with his fat, novacaine lip. He had a cavity and the permanent tooth was right there about to surface so it just made more sense to pull it. Now explain that to an 8-year-old in a dentist chair with a blinding light in his eyes and suction in his mouth.

He got to keep the tooth, of course, as part of the scam to bilk money from parents through the guise of the tooth fairy. But JP lost that tooth in the backyard. Why was the tooth in the backyard? I don't know. Why did JP have possession of the tooth? I don't know that either. The kids weren't in the street and nobody was screaming in agony, so my job was done. I can't be responsible for body parts that aren't actually part of the body anymore.

Kristy suggested that C write a note to the tooth fairy explaining that his little brother lost the tooth, and then put the note under his pillow. JP said, "And maybe she'll bring you a UFO!" I'm as unsure what he meant by that as I am by why he was holding C's disembodied tooth.

C wrote: I got my tooth pulled out at the dentist but my little brother lost it. That's worth at least a dollar.