Monday, June 19, 2006

Tonight's Entertainment

I know I made a big deal in that last post about seeing the kids when I get home from work, but tonight I came home and Kristy and all the kids were gone. That was pretty sweet, too. They were at the library picking up a passel of literature. When they got home I read the kids' books to them. S had selected Positively No Pets Allowed and Happy Birthday, Lulu, JP picked Famous Navy Fighter Planes, and C chose Ben and the Porcupine. I read all of them except JP's because his is pretty long and technical. In fact, we only made it through the first chapter which covered the birth of the Vought VE-7, the Navy's first American-built fighter. It was even fitted with pontoons eventually, making it able to take off and land on the water.

Then we went for a walk where C found a three-legged frog and brought it home to live in our flower garden.