Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Happy Birthday, My Brother

Happy birthday to my little brother, David. He turns 14 today. Fourteen-years-old, can you believe it? Twenty-two years younger than I. I know one person who can’t believe it, our mother. If I’m dealing with a newborn at the age she was in 1993, then I’ll be dealing with that newborn during visiting hours at the asylum. But she and Steve have done a wonderful job. David is a good kid, good son and a great dancer. I hear he plays football and video games with all the gusto his age requires as well. I wish I could be with him today, but he’s way down in the swamps of south Florida, so I’ll sing Happy Birthday to him from here in my aged, gravely voice, with the accompaniment of The Quartet. That should have him, as the kids are prone to write these days, LOL.