Monday, January 07, 2008

Back To School Regurgitation

Today was the return to school for The Quartet, a day I've been dreading since two weeks ago when they first got out for the holidays. We have very little structure in our house during the school year and when the kids and Big Mama are out of school then there is even less, if you can imagine that. The older kids have their TV and the joy of staying up late and sleeping in, and GK has her mama. Twenty-four/seven she has her mama. And then, suddenly, she doesn't and she's being left again at some place she only vaguely recalls, some place she thought she was finished with forever.

The truth is, though, GK did great. She was so happy and so much fun this morning before we left the house that I wanted to buy her a pony. She fell asleep in the car on the way to school and, once there, seemed a bit confused and just the slightest bit upset, but when I left she was curled up in Miss A's lap, quietly snuffling. She'll be just fine, I know.

C, however, is with me today. He'd been feeling puny for a few days, even on his birthday, but he seemed over it by yesterday afternoon. There is a report, though, that apparently hasn't been turned in at school and hasn't really even been worked on, and I thought this may have something to do with his relapse this morning. It was either that or, judging by the sounds he was making while laying on the couch this morning, he's at about seven centimeters. I was going with the theory that I was being scammed, but I didn't really have the time or patience this morning to argue the point with him. So I was short-tempered and demanding as I told him to just get dressed and go to work with me, but that I couldn't believe he was missing his first day back after vacation. Then I just now heard him throwing up upstairs here at work. Do you have any idea how the sound of puking resonates in all this tile and 25-foot ceilings? Sounds like he's expectorating a GK-sized hairball up there.

Sick or not, he needs to be coughing up a report on Sebastian Cabot because he will be at school tomorrow. I, however, may be out riding GK's new pony.