Thursday, January 10, 2008

I'm Out Of Order? You're Out Of Order!

Sometimes I think NetFlix is messing with me, sending me crap that there's no possible way I asked for. Movies that there's no possible way any studio green lighted. Last night, GK and I found ourselves watching Two for the Money, starring Al Pacino, Matthew McConaughey and Renee Russo. At some point about halfway through, we had this exchange:

GK: Hold on, is that Michael Corleone's father?
Me: No, that's Michael Corleone. Al Pacino.
GK: How the hell does one go from being Michael Corleone to starring in this unwatchable piece of pap?
Me: He's just making a living, sweetheart. And don't use that kind of language.
GK: Don't tell me how to talk, old man.

And it went on from there, I won't bore you with the rest of it. I know the leading theory is that Pacino just plays himself in movies now, so the directors all know what they're getting before shooting even starts. But come on, this is Dog Day Afternoon we're talking about. He's Tony Montana, he's Serpico! And now he's what's-his-face from Two for the Money?

The general theme of the movie, from what I could glean, is that money isn't everything and true happiness should be found inside each person. Perhaps that's expecting too much from this film, though. But the fact is that I was trying to point it out to GK while explaining that Pacino is, in fact, simply picking up a paycheck now and it must have been very confusing for her because she pooped in her pants.