Sunday, August 24, 2008

Most Mistake

The Commercial Appeal has released their special section Memphis Most in today's paper.

I worked on this section for two and a half weeks. Halfway through working on it, I lost almost half of what I'd written, yet still managed to finish three days before deadline.

If you look at the section itself, in the paper, I wrote every syllable from page 18, Most "Memphis" BBQ Sauce, to page 36, Most Boundless Beer Selection. That's 34 categories; nearly 9,000 words. And, if I may, it's all pretty good stuff.

For some reason I was left out of the list of section writers on page 1. I'm not sure yet why that is, but I hope to find out soon. In the meantime, the categories I was responsible for are:
  • Most "Memphis" BBQ Sauce
  • Most Beloved BBQ Joint
  • Most Prime Steak Dinner
  • Most Enticing Burger
  • Most Savory Slice of Pizza
  • Most Sensational Sushi
  • Most Profitable Business Lunch
  • Most Satisfying Biscuits
  • Most Revered Sunday Brunch
  • Most For The Money
  • Most Craved Catfish
  • Most Romantic Restaurant
  • Most Delicious Deli
  • Most Tempting Bakery
  • Most Vietnamese Restaurant
  • Most Bountiful Buffet
  • Most Fine Dining
  • Most Italian Restaurant
  • Most Indian Restaurant
  • Most Kid-Friendly Cuisine
  • Most Thai Restaurant
  • Most Chinese Restaurant
  • Most Mexican Restaurant
  • Most Mediterranean Restaurant
  • Most Japanese Restaurant
  • Most Exotic Cuisine
  • Most Scrumptious Seafood
  • Most Wholesome Health Food
  • Most Popular Pub
  • Most Cosmopolitan Night Club
  • Most Masterful Martini
  • Most Fanatical Sports Bar
  • Most Bona Fide Blues Club
  • Most Boundless Beer Selection