Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Ask GK

Two-year-old GK has a knack for getting her opinions across. I often consult her on matters of finance, politics, the heart or entertainment options. She never fails to let me know just what she thinks.

Here are a few examples of our conversations from the past:

Sketches of GK
Politics and Poop
Upon Returning Home From Work Yesterday Evening ...
GK Critic

My thinking is that, as helpful as she's been to me, I'm sure she could help all of you as well. She's well-versed on many subjects, so if you have any questions at all for a two-year-old, please E-mail her at gkadvisor@gmail.com.

Ask for her advice, her opinions, her thoughts. Go ahead, you give it a try now.

Me: GK, what do you think about all of this?
GK: All of what?
Me: Writing an advice column for my readers.
GK: How much advice could the two of them need?
Me: I have lots of readers.
GK: And they all have problems.
Me: Probably so.
GK: That wasn't a question.