Thursday, May 18, 2006


I started Urf! to talk about my kids and the silly things they do, but I feel as though I've been talking more about myself lately. Of course, the kids have been pretty boring of late. I had my surgery yesterday and it went swimmingly. I was wheeled back to the operating room shortly after 7 a.m. and left the building before 2 p.m. to go home. I had a piece of broken disk removed through a one-inch hole in my back. I have some pain back there now but it's a different pain than I had, it's a better pain. It's the kind of pain that you know will go away at some point. And the sharp pains that shot down my right leg are gone as well. Thank you, Dr. Feler.

I went to work today because I own my own business and nobody is paying me to not be there. My regulars seemed surprised that I was back, amazed even. I'll tell you what was amazing - going to work for the past eight weeks in the kind of pain I was in. That's what's hard to believe. The pain I have today is nothing in comparison...but that could be the Loritab talking...or the gin.

The Trio have been good and have maintained a wide perimeter. They haven't asked me much about my condition and I haven't shown them the incision, which is being held shut with glue by the way. I imagine one day, in the next few years, I'll show the new baby the scar and try to convince her that that's where she came from.

I'd like to thank everyone who has written and called to ask how I am feeling. Thanks especially to Kristy who has been taking care of me even more than usual and who now has to do all of the heavy lifting instead of just most of it. Thanks to my sister, Elizabeth, who herded the kids to school yesterday morning, brought us dinner last night and then was gracious enough to take The Trio to a baseball game tonight, leaving Kristy and I here alone - she eight months pregnant and me hobbled by surgery so there's no chance of a romantic evening, unless the Loritab and gin have something to say about it.