Thursday, April 19, 2007


It begins innocently enough. You're instant messaging with one of your most inquisitive blogger friends and the next thing you know it's turned into a formal Q&A. This is what happened just the other day between StephChockleyblog of One of Each and me. I am, by nature, a private person. There isn't much about me on Urf!, as it's mostly about The Quartet or parenting in general or the futile attempt to be funny. Talking about myself, my day-to-day, my dreams makes me feel exposed, vulnerable, naked, if you will. But I decided to allow it all to be put out there anyway. So, at the urging of Mr. Chockleyblog and Kristy, I got naked for Stephanie and she endured like a trooper. Be sure to visit One of Each to get to know your blogger.

[And stay tuned right here at Urf! for my interview with Elizabeth Alley of Sketchwork and Listwork in the ongoing series Get To Know Your Blogger.]