Sunday, April 29, 2007

Rocking And Romping

We went to the first Rock ‘n Romp of the year yesterday. RnR takes place by invitation only in some poor sucker’s backyard, and is a way to introduce kids to live music and for parents, clinging desperately to their youth, to get together and drink a beer. It can also be considered a gathering of the future of Midtown. I picture neighbors in Evergreen, Cooper-Young and Central Gardens, in 20 – 30 years, meeting while out walking their dogs, doing yard work or just sitting on their porches and, in the course of conversation, realizing they were probably at a Rock ‘n Romp together years before. And they’ll hopefully be carrying on their parents’ tradition of gathering for music, drinking from a keg and glowing - or glowering - in the fact that they’re hipper than the rest of the city.

We had a good time. We met with moms and dads, musicians and artists, babies and friends; saw slides and swings and toy tractors, Chloe and Connor, Miss M, Satchel and Jiro, musical instruments, goatees as far as the eye could see, tattoos and lactating women; heard some very loud music; had food and drink, chatted, laughed, made and painted maracas, and the kids put on enough fake tattoos to make a miniature Guns ‘n Roses.

Thank you to everyone in charge of putting these gatherings on, I know it’s a lot of work. The next one will be in June, so go to the Rock ‘n Romp website and get yourself signed up. We may be out of town for this next one but I’m trying to work a deal where The Quartet will be left behind, ostensibly to help out. C is big enough to tote amplifiers and hook up mics. JP knows his coins and could make change at the door or sell T-shirts. S, of course, can tap a keg, and GK is so cute you’ll just want her on hand to make people smile. So think about it, RnR people. I’m offering the services of four of Midtown’s finest to help pull that show off while Big Mama and I are in a hotel room in Atlanta, listening to too-loud music, drinking and applying fake tattoos.