Wednesday, May 14, 2008


You remember that Marx Brothers picture where Chico plays the piano?

Doesn't matter which movie, they were all like that. At some point Chico would come across a piano and sit down to pound out a raucous tune, sometimes utilizing a prop, like an orange, and often using only his index finger to target a specific note.

Well, JP's piano playing is nothing at all like that. Last night at the recital, he fell fourth in line to play a song. That song was "What Can We Do?" He took the stage, bowed, played his song for about 15 seconds, his anemic fingers doing all they could to push the ivories down, stood for another bow and left the stage. It was all very quick, very professional and very good.

He's proud of himself as he has every right to be. He got a trophy for his work on the piano all year and he walked out of the building saying, "It's my first trophy!"

I have no doubt there will be many, many more.