Monday, June 16, 2008

A Day in Review

Yesterday, Father's Day, was just as it should be. Breakfast was prepared by Kristy and consisted of Cafe Francisco's Francisco bagel and Brother Juniper's scrambled eggs with salmon. I think she made them both better than the respective restaurants.

I ate breakfast in bed while watching CBS Sunday Morning and was given homemade cards. First, S came in and kind of tossed her card in my direction. Then the boys followed; C's had little flaps for me to open and read some nice messages inside and JP's had a little cartoon of one guy punching another guy's lights out and the caption "Nerd Buster's!" written underneath. I don't know if he sees us as a nerd-busting duo, or if this was some sort of veiled threat, but it was a handsome card, nonetheless.

From breakfast, it was all an even keel. I spent the morning lounging around reading the newspaper and doing The New York Times crossword puzzle. The Quartet taught me how to play a game called Mancala, and then proceeded to soundly beat me at that game again and again throughout the day. I watched the U.S. Open and we all took a trip to the park.

Back at home, I watched the kids play in the backyard while I grilled steak and enjoyed a cigar. These kids may be able to beat me at African games of skill and chance, but I'm still the only one allowed to make a fire in the backyard. Dinner was delicious and the perfect way to wrap up a day with my kids.

I'm already looking forward to next June. Thank you, Kristy, C, JP, S & GK.