Friday, August 11, 2006

The Rest Of The Week...

In real life I’m just a big sentimental softy. I didn’t want The Quartet to remember the end of their summer as being a time fraught with forms, discipline, government institutions, more discipline, Daddy stressing over tax troubles and still more discipline, so I took them to the zoo on Wednesday. And you know what? They were good. They were very good! By 10 in the morning it was already 98 degrees, but we had a nice time anyway just meandering from shady spot to shady spot. They were minimal with their list of demands, but we did ride the carousel and have some shaved ice. On the way home, they even thanked me for taking them. I took them back to return them and find my kids, but it turns out these were mine. Who knew?

Dropped them off at a friend of Kristy’s to play with her kids for the day. They were very excited by this prospect, but not as excited as I. I did end up back at the health department to get JP’s birth certificate, which I did. I got to stand in line behind a woman and her daughter and, apparently, cousin, who went by the moniker Stank. They treated the small area we were in like a playground, the same behavior my kids were exhibiting a couple days before that caused me to leave.

S had to go get tested this morning for the advanced program in the Pre-K at Downtown Elementary. We went to yet another government institution and the nice doctor lady took her into another room for about 45 minutes. When they came out, S wouldn’t tell me what went on. I know she went through some sort of questioning, but she wouldn’t give it up. The picture in my head, though, is of her being asked if she likes movies about gladiators.

They’re at work with me right now and they’re upstairs being quiet…almost too quiet.

[This is my 100th post!]