Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Stuff Memories Are Made Of

Today is JP's first (real) day in kindergarten and it went pretty well. We got GK off to the sitter's on The Island and then I drove over and parked to walk them all in to school. All three in red shirts and blue pants. We took JP as a group first since the other two are old pros by now. Did I mention that there's an autistic child in his class? I assume it was that little boy this morning who was screaming at the top of his lungs and laying on the floor with a beet red face. Perfectly understandable considering the situation he's in, though I was worried it may freak out the other kids, especially JP. Thankfully it didn't seem to and I'm sure he'll get used to things as time goes on. Did I mention that this particular child has his very own teacher and that, apparently, this is the norm? I'm not familiar with autism and how you manage it in a small child day by day, but does it involve having the special teacher yell in the poor child's face about it being the first day of school and that he needs to calm down? Because that's what I saw and that's my memory now of JP's first day of kindergarten.