Friday, July 13, 2007

Dixon Dinner

We just now returned from a dinner at the home of Click, M, and The Brain, with Aunt Elizabeth and Uncle Toby, and I can't thank them enough. As much as I'd like our house to be the house of gatherings, I'm afraid The Dixons have beat me to it. Tonight, around a hand-painted table full of some sort of wonderful sausage, rice and watermelon/blueberry concoction, we discussed children, childhood, parenting, mustaches, art, frozen bananas, travel, McCoy Tyner, soccer, food, careers and many, many other topics. Click and I damn near polished off a bottle of Tanqueray and I dare say we'll achieve this next go round. And I hope there is a next time. I hope they'll have Team Urf! over again, if not for dinner, then to move in. The futon in the office looks quite comfy, there's plenty of Super Chewies in the backyard and the doorframes account for hours and hours of fun. We'll bring the milk next time.