Thursday, July 19, 2007

Wait, Am I The Diva?

Lindsey, over at theogeo, is also a guest blogger on iDiva. She references Urf! in her latest column as a way to introduce her own memory of a lovely childhood trip. She remembers a lot more than I do of mine, but hers happened in 1987 when she was six, which means she wasn't even born when I took the trip I wrote about. But I'm okay with that. I'm comfortable with the fact that I'd just started dating my future wife while she was waiting on line at Space Mountain, a pair of mouse ears perched haphazardly on her head. I read theogeo daily and so should you. If you like blogs that update regularly then this is the one for you, she updates it several times a day, either with cool photos or a glimpse into her day and life. I worked in editorial at The Commercial Appeal about nine years ago, though she didn't work there then. She was barely even born at the time. We've never met but I thank her for the mention, and I know she'll appreciate that I'm drinking a nice pinot noir and toasting her now.