Saturday, July 28, 2007

Happy Birthday, Uncle Johnny

I need to squeeze this in under the wire here because I just looked at the calendar and realized it's my Uncle Johnny's birthday, so I wanted to say Happy Birthday to him. And how apropos that it would come just after a post about having fun, because who better to learn to have fun from than Johnny? He has taught me how to hit golf balls, drive on ice, build things, watch movies, bet on horses and play craps, cook shrimp, be a terrific father and, I hope, a good man. Over the years he's taken me to Chicago, St. Louis, Florida, on a bike ride across the city, to many casinos, an OTB and hunting. He first piqued my interest in sailing. He was there for me at my Confirmation and at my wedding. He did a lot of this when he was a much younger man and I was a much younger boy. A teen, in fact, and who wants to spend their time with an obnoxious teenager? He did. He is the big brother I never had and for that I'm grateful and I hope he's having a wonderful birthday.