Friday, July 20, 2007

One Night Of Peace

Strange evening. Tomorrow we head out for the Gulf Coast, where six adults will desperately try to keep eight kids’ cracks mostly sand free. Tonight, however, seems to be the calm before that storm. Kristy took the kids to the nerdfest for Harry Potter, which means I’m home alone. Just me, Billie Holiday and a glass of wine. This is the quietest time I will have for the next eight days. It is bliss. Not that I’m not looking forward to our trip, mind you, but the quiet, it’s so … quiet. So peaceful. Except for earlier when I took care of a mouse. A rodent came into my home, where my children sleep, but this evening it met with the business end of a Louisville Slugger so our house is vermin free. Completely free of pests – no mice, no kids. Just quiet. Listen … here that? Me either.

I’m going to go now and enjoy the nothingness that I’m ensconced in. The next sound you hear will be the sound of a car engine turning over, followed almost immediately with the first of many, “Are we almost there?” Stay tuned …