Saturday, April 22, 2006

Fifteen Minutes?

I have a friend who has her very own children, daughters, and who reads Urf! and enjoys it (she says). She has a friend whom she told about Urf! and he read it. He has a friend who works for NPR and, presumably, has never even heard of Urf!. The friend of my friend suggested to my friend that I record some of these witty little posts about children and their silliness and their eating habits and boogers (sorry for the redundancy there) for NPR, to be played in the days leading up to Father's Day. My friend told me and I thought it a fantastic idea. So the friend of my friend sent me an E-mail suggesting all of this and gave me the address of HIS friend, the one with NPR. And I just sent her an E-mail, so now we wait.

And while we wait I was thinking how cool it would be to be on NPR and what a hero I would be with The Trio. You can imagine what big fans they are of All Things Considered and Fresh Air, especially when Terry Gross is talking to a foreign Prime Minister or cellist. But what if they heard Daddy's voice coming from that little box with the knobs (well, there aren't knobs, but buttons and green digital numbers)? What if it was my voice coming over the airwaves at night to lull them to sleep - especially if it lulled them to sleep at six in the evening, giving Kristy and me a single dinner in peace, and then maybe we could watch Lost and really concentrate on those numbers in that hatch until we could possibly figure out the mystery behind them. Then we could go to bed early and maybe read our books undisturbed until it was time to turn out the light. And then with my luck we'd have yet ANOTHER kid being born nine months later. Thanks a lot NPR! Thank you Noah Adams, Corey Flintoff, and Car Talk guys for this extra mouth to feed. Does NPR have the budget for more childcare and chocolate things to eat? I hope so, because this one is yours and when he or she poops his or her pants you can rest assured we'll be thinking of you!

Yet I can't get that image of The Trio hearing Daddy on the radio and of the smiles creeping onto their faces as they sit up, whispering to each other excitedly, then lean in and reach for the remote as they're looking for the power button on this radio contraption, because my NPR segment also happens to come on at the same time as The Simpsons.