Saturday, April 22, 2006


I know I've done several short posts in a row here lately even though it's the longer ones that I enjoy writing. My brevity is due to my inability to string complete thoughts together lately, and is certainly not for lack of material. There are always funny things happening with the kids, take this morning for instance when S burst into tears because the seam of her sock didn't hit her toes just right. Or the night before last when C kicked S and knocked her to the floor. Yesterday morning I searched all over for JP's shoes and finally found them on the back deck and by then it had been raining for eight hours straight - I'm sure his feet are still wet. You know, funny things kids do that make us all so proud to be parents.

Anyway, I've been reading some blogs lately and, not to disparage anyone's work because I've found some that are very good and much funnier than mine (though I won't tell you where to find those), but I did want to make a list here - more for me than for you so I remember in the future - of words and phrases that I vow not to use in the writings of Urf!

Words and phrases:

journal (as a verb)
talking points

Letters strung together instead of using words:


Emoticons(that's the last time):

I'm sure these lists will grow in the future. Thanks for accomodating me, but I just need something in place should I ever need to refer back to it, KWIM?(Damn!)