Thursday, October 26, 2006

Not That There's Anything Wrong With That

The mornings really work best when GK sleeps up unitl it's time to walk out the door. She must have gotten wind of this because she's been waking up earlier and earlier lately. This morning she decided 6:30 was good for her, so I did something I've gotten away with not doing for the entire eight years and 10 months of parenthood that have been thrust upon me. I wore a sling. This may not be a big deal in your household, but, believe me, it is in ours. That's Kristy's product there at that link. And yet, somehow, over the years I have never carried a baby in one. But this morning I just needed a full set of hands to get breakfast and clothes and backpacks together, so I let Kristy put one on me. It felt as though I were being fitted for a bra. Once she got it situated and GK was in place, she stepped back and looked and seemed to like what she saw. She assured me that men everywhere wear slings, and then she went into the living room to tell the other kids, "Daddy's wearing a sling," as though it was the funniest thing she'd seen in a long time.

I managed to get everything done as GK drifted off to sleep - I made some waffles and even brushed my teeth, which was difficult to do, but GK should be minty fresh today. I suppose the sling could make a reappearance some future morning, especially if she insists on waking up while it's still dark out. I'm not sure my ruptured disk surgeon would approve of it, however, because I could feel it in my lower back by the time it was time to go. Oh, and I also felt the effects on my machismo as S danced around the house chanting, "Daddy is a lady! Daddy is a lady!"