Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Playground Etiquette 201

After writing my post of yesterday, Playground Rules & Etiquette 101, I took those same three kids to the same park. I feel that more should be said regarding playground etiquette and, more to the point, the etiquette of the parents at the park. So here now I will list my rules for the playground, not for the kids, because they're kids and are in the process of learning how to behave. You, however, have no excuse. You are old enough to know better. You know who you are.
  • Keep an eye on your kids.
  • If you're trying to impress your children, or other parents, with your acrobatic ability on the monkey bars, be aware that there are small children about. Watch your big, clumsy feet.
  • If there are swings and slides and a jungle gym in the area then you are at a playground for human children. Leave your dog at home.
  • Do not pull your car up as close to the playground as you possibly can and turn your car stereo up. No one else cares to listen to your bass.
  • Do not spread your McDonald's dinner out on one of the only two benches for sitting and then leave it to wander around. Not unless you want me to eat your food.
  • Be aware that if your child brings a riding toy to the park then he or she will be expected to share with the other kids. Explain this to your child before you ever get to the park.
  • If you see trash on the playground, pick it up, your kids play there.
  • Again, watch your kids, even if it means putting the cell phone down for half an hour.
I'm sure I'll add more, and feel free to comment with your own rules for playground etiquette.